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Reconcile your GMP's

Save time and make savings with our GMP Consultancy Service

Why choose us for your GMP reconciliation project?

We are uniquely placed to undertake your GMP reconciliation because:

  • Our analysis reports are comprehensive in nature and will be tailored to your Scheme to include a clearly defined action plan;
  • We have substantial experience of GMP reconciliation projects and fully understand the dangers of accepting, without challenging HMRC’s records;
  • We will provide advice independent of the Scheme Administrator, if required, which will give you the whole picture;
  • We will adopt a proactive and pragmatic approach throughout the exercise thereby making sure that it managed with maximum efficiency;
  • We pride ourselves in providing high clarity reports with deliverable recommendations;
  • We will ensure that you will be paying the correct GMP amounts at all times by the end of the process;
  • You can either entrust us with your whole project and leave your Scheme Administrator to get on with their day job, or if preferred, we can project manage your project using your administration resources.

Why the sudden need to reconcile my GMPs?

HMRC have announced that the Scheme Cessation department will no longer exist after April 2018. Shortly afterwards it will then write to every person who has ever been Contracted-Out informing them their pension entitlement and naming the scheme. Then after December 2018 it will no longer be possible for schemes to question these liabilities, instead they will have to be accepted and settled as per HMRC’s records. This makes it imperative that all queries are resolved before December 2018. To enable this to be achieved trustees should be thinking of starting their reconciliation exercise, sooner rather than later.

Why will differences exist between my and NISPI records?

There are many reasons why the Scheme Administrator and NISPI records may differ, including:

  • Poor record keeping;
  • A member’s payroll telling the Scheme Administrator and HMRC different contracting-out contributions/earnings;
  • Difference in other data, such as date of birth, sex, date left service;
  • The Contribution Equivalent Premium (CEP) or Limited Revaluation Premium (LRP) not being paid by the Administrator or processed by HMRC;
  • The appropriate form not being processed by the Administrator or HMRC;
  • The scheme’s identity being used in a pension scam;
  • A transfer-in/out not being processed correctly by either the Administrator or HMRC;
  • Bulk transfers-out/scheme mergers not being processed correctly by either the Administrator or HMRC;
  • A divorce debit is not being handled correctly by either HMRC or the Administrator;
  • The incorrect revaluation rate is being used by either HMRC or the Administrator;
  • All data agrees, but there is a calculation error by either HMRC or the Administrator.

How can we Help

Paid for the advice, had the recommended operation and the same old problem’s come back again?
If you’ve read through our site we hope you’ve got a feel for what PxP are all about and what our strengths are.
With our Products we aim to provide customers with practical solutions that last.
With our Services we guarantee value for money and above all dedication when it comes down to getting on with the hard work.
Our consultancy reflects these strengths and comes from practical experience of providing the best in system setup and wrap around solutions to compliment and protect your pension service.
We can carry out an independent review of your pension systems and customer service provision. Provide the analysis and important guidance necessary to formulating and executing a progressive plan of improvement.
How about we show you what is possible first?
Let you know how you go about getting there.
What the likely costs are.
What the likely savings are.
Advice is often a recommendation for today. Guidance is hand holding experience offered by the qualified helping you find a permanent solution for tomorrow.

Pensions Regulator Reports

Why is accurate and complete data important?

Click here for a tutorial from the Pensions Regulator

The key questions you should ask yourself about your data are

  • Is the data there?
  • Is it accurate?
  • How do I know?

PxP's DataCam software offers an end user unrivalled ability to answer the above questions, but you may prefer to ask us to use DataCam on your behalf. In this case we charge a fixed fee on the basis of your scheme's membership covering the common data and some of the more usual conditional data reports. We offer Regulator Reporting to users of the majority of the popular pensions administration systems. Please use the contact us page to find out more.

System Setup

We believe systems should be implemented to the highest standards possible.

Benefit processing should be fully automated enabling you to run cost effective Administration services.

We are confident that we have the experience and skills to compliment the expectations you should have of your pension systems and their providers. We can support you in every area of system setup.

  • Investigation & Specification of requirements
  • Process re-engineering
  • Design / Database configuration
  • Interfaces
  • Calculation Setup & Testing
  • Web services

We have a proven track record and have been the go to business for Pension Scheme managers and TPA’s looking to raise industry standards and profile in the market place.

We don’t win awards but our customers do.

Data Migration

Why should I use PxP?
To paraphrase a song, we're simply the best!

Yes, data migration is about moving data from one system to another, but it's also about understanding how that data has been used in the past, and how it will be used in the future. It's about identifying gaps in the data on the existing system that are needed by the new system. Its about identifying the differences in the way the old and new systems work and what the new system's data requirements are.

We use our own products and specialist tools, packed with know how and built out of a desire to remove the hassle and time consuming aspects of the job. The flexibility of DataMap allows us to implement changes quickly yet in a controlled way. Output of the data migration specification is a click away.

With purpose built software in place, making life easier, we look to focus on the value added aspect of our services and what we know is possible if we look on the data migration as the key to getting the most from your administration system.

You may be looking for data migration services but initially we like to understand why you are moving systems and what improvements you are looking for. Having asked these questions we aim to provide you with our best advice on how to realise your expectations and how the data migration fits into the equation.

More often than not your existing system is not the problem, it’s the way it’s been implemented or grown up through legislative change. Switching to another system is an opportunity to put things straight but only if you prepare for the necessary record keeping under the new setup.

We like to understand your data, the design of the database it’s coming from, the proposed design of the database it’s going to and the data structures needed to support benefit calculations. It’s no good just replicating one system in another, unless it’s already perfect, in which case why move systems?

Migrate to a system and database design that supports fully automated benefit processing based on the assumption that data will be complete, accurate and maintained by automated processes throughout the lifecycle of a member.

Data Capture, Data Structure, Data Posting, Data Maintenance - It's what we do.

Keep your data clean and clear

Is your data in good shape? If it is, will it still be in a couple of years time?
If your answer to either question is no or maybe then read on.

Living with dirty data is not a cost effective strategy. Many pension funds are in a position where liabilities cannot be accurately quantified and are therefore open to inaccurate valuation. Schemes will continue to pay the price, and may in future incur penalties if designated levels of record keeping are not adhered to.

We believe that cleansing and taking action to maintain data quality is the first step to reducing your running costs. It is the key to seeking competitive pricing from third party advisors, and more importantly, to raising service levels across the board and increasing Member confidence in scheme administration.

Not all administration systems have the built in tools that enable you to report on and prove the quality of the data held. Even where these exist, just correcting the data issues is not the complete solution to the problem.
Our services provide our customers with comprehensive automated and lasting solutions which not only deal with the existing data issues but enable the identification and control of data anomalies, from initial data capture through to member benefit notification and payment.

We provide an investigation and analysis phase followed by a solutions phase. In the initial phase relevant information is identified and captured and the relevant data checks are configured and carried out, culminating in reports production and walk-through of our findings. Following on from this, we discuss and plan with you the next steps. Here we will identify the cleansing options available to you, identifying resources required where appropriate and prioritising the work. Where possible automated solutions are offered as these can be reused as part of the ongoing monitoring and cleansing cycle.

You can be assured you will receive our fullest attention. We are independant of all systems providers and have a committment to reducing your ongoing costs.

Keep your data in good shape with PxP

Project Management

We provide specialist project management services.

From selection of preferred system provider right through to completion of new system implementation we offer technical management and consultancy in addition to providing traditional project management.

We believe it is in the best interests of our customers if projects are managed by an individual who is technically aware. Our representative will have practical experience of every aspect of system review, migration and setup. They will be equipped and perfectly placed to discuss, advise and report on the detailed progress of each work stream throughout the project lifecycle.

You may have experience of passive project management and how unintentionally it can lead to project creep and unnecessary change control? We find informed and upfront planning can keep these events to a minimum, maintain continuity, and have a positive impact.

We have overseen multi million £ system setups with our hands on approach and would like to think these high quality implementations are in part down to our approach and general involvement.

Our measure of success - is your recommendation.

Bespoke Software

Make your vision a reality with bespoke software from PxP

We share in your vision and work effectively with you to achieve that common goal. We provide software designed and developed specifically with you in mind.

Solutions tailored to your needs