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Web Monkey - Web Services and STP Suite

Heard about, read about, know who’s got it?

Web Monkey Web Monkey is a plug in web service / application that processes member on line benefit requests in real time, returning up to date benefit results to the member within seconds.
Furthermore it captures member instruction to pay benefits and controls an automated payment and setup process by polling for completed payment authority and realization of final fund values.
Implemented in March 2009 for a complex defined benefit arrangement Web Monkey has processed more than 25 thousand on line benefit enquires in the 1st year of operation.
Providing members with 24/7 access to their pension benefits and an opportunity to plan for retirement on a day to day basis the complete systems solution has raised the customer service bar way above the industry standard.
Through the vision of the pensions Director and Third Party systems provider our customer has managed to reduce the head count in the pension services area by 60%, retaining only a handful of specialist staff responsible for monitoring data quality and handling complex benefit issues.
Web Monkey is a component of a model systems implementation making optimum use of a suite of fully automated calculations, running on a cleansed database maintained by interface and monitored by automated data checks.
Web Monkey is available for integration with your systems, subject to technical review. See our complimentary services and products on how to build the complete system.
If you’re a Pensions Director with a vision or a TPA looking for a competitive advantage then give us a call.


DataCam - Data Cleansing and TPR Reporting

DataCam is the management tool that integrates with your administration system and supports the good practice requirements of the Pensions Regulator for good record keeping and more.
The ethos behind DataCam is that you should not only test your data, but you must be able to monitor continuously how it is improving. It is also important that you understand how data integrity issues found affect your membership and prejudice the successful operation of your business processes. The menu driven, simple to use approach means DataCam can be run by an un-skilled user with minimal training and the functionality provided makes data clean up a reality.

Benefits of DataCam

  • Supports common, conditional and numeric data tests as required by the Pensions Regulator.
  • Monitor your data clean up performance.
  • Track what issues means to your membership, is a members data clean enough to support a calculation being run.
  • Distribute interactive to do lists to your administrators or reports to your trustees.
  • Your own bespoke reports are created using PxP’s powerful tool, PxPQueryBuilder is distributed as part of DataCAM.
  • Dynamic tailorable menus and multiple security profiles supported.
  • Parameterised settings make it easy for you to decide what’s important.
  • Training is available to allow set up by an end user, alternatively we can set it up for you.

Run DataCam as frequently as required, you pay for the software not the number of times you use it. Practise Good Practice - with DataCam

GMPCam - GMP Reconciliation Tools

Start your GMP reconciliation process today – with GMPCam

Benefits of GMPCam

  • Designed and developed specifically for GMP reconciliation projects;
  • Will work irrespective of which administration system is used;
  • Can be used to improve the general quality of your member data;
  • Prioritises required actions to prevent future errors;
  • Will add accuracy to your exit strategy and funding plans

Start your GMP reconciliation process today – with GMPCam

DataMap - Data Migration Tools

PxP DataMap Primarily designed to take the hassle out of data migration.

PxP DataMap is easily configured to align with any prescribed database import / export format and available to you under licence with full user training. It comes complete with standard import and export maps for many of the widely used pensions system databases. The features offered in this solution:

  • Drop down field listings
  • Input / Output decode table library
  • SQL scripting for bespoke mapping
  • Specifications of mapped and unmapped fields

PxP DataMap is ideal for TPA’s faced with data take on from an array of pension platforms, and who want to develop a standard set of mappings for each of these into their own systems. A fully trained user will be able to control the solutions process from start to finish using PxP DataMap.

If data migration has previously left you concerned about data lost on changing systems then consider our Legacy Data Viewer for piece of mind.

Happy with your data migration but concerned about how you maintain things going forward then read about DataCam for Regulator reporting and Scheme specific data health checks.

The bedrock of any new system setup is a successful data migration

Legacy Viewer

Undertaking a data migration and concerned about possible loss of information with no easy way to resurrect the old system and database?

Data migration can often be a mine field which needs navigating with care and attention. Especially, when the composition of the system you are moving to is quite different to the one you are turning off.

You will be looking to make a brand new start with a clean database that is uncluttered and well designed which inevitably means making decisions about which data to keep and which data to dump.

PxP provided its first legacy data viewer for a customer who had moved nearly ½ million records from a mainframe system to a pensions administration package system. The customer wanted piece of mind that there would be a data lookup and retrieval option in respect of the outgoing database.

Legacy Data Viewer incorporates the front end import functionality of our data migration product and has built in facilities to create and configure screens to display data in a familiar format.

The powerful search and select screen has standard field select criteria plus additional user defined fields for separate or additional search criteria.

Legacy Data Viewer also features an integrated query builder for creating reports and producing output files.

Suitable as a data migration add on to safeguard your pre migration position the legacy viewer may also be considered as a cost effective replacement database for legacy systems you just use as a data repository and may be paying licence fees for unnecessarily.